If you have The Radical Act of Community Storytelling, you know that these forms are from Part Three, “Keeping it Organized.” They are in printable PDF format so you may use them as they are or change them as you like to meet your needs. I only ask that you reference me and Odyssey Storytelling as your inspiration. I’ve done the same for documents that I was given permission to use by other groups.

11 things to do if you are nervous

Curator Agreement and Timeline 2016

Curator Agreement page 2

Guest List

List of things to take

Mailing List form.xls

Program updated 2016 p2

Program updated July 2016

Rehearsal Notes

Release form

Script 2016

Show Timeline Checklist

Sign, 2 yellow

Sign, 5 green

Sign, WRAP IT UP red

Story Outline.xls

Storyteller Agreement and Timeline

Tips handout