POSTPONED Moving from Paper to Voice (and back again)

Saturday, April 11, 10-3
Iron Horse Fabricators, 503 E. 9th Street, Tucson
$79 fee includes lunch! Book it here 

Moving from Paper to Voice: transitioning written words into spoken words. This workshop will focus on migrating or moving from one skill set / mind set, to another. Both creative spaces and they feed each other, but require different approaches.

The idea is that writers write alone yet want to share their work with others. One of the ways to share is to tell your stories, not from memorization or reading, but by the oral art of storytelling. It could be personal stories or it could be fiction. On the other side, sometimes hearing your story out loud gives added perception to how to improve the work.

You do not have to be a “writer” to take this workshop. You could be a journaler or you may have written out a story in order to organize it in your mind before telling it. The workshop is anyone who writes, not just those that see it as a vocation or as their primary creative expression.

Produced by Angela Orlando of Email angela (at) for more information.

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