Inside and Out: Women’s Truths, Women’s Stories

My essay Kitchen Revolution, is included in the new anthology, Inside and Out: Women’s Truths, Women’s Stories, a 250-page soft-cover anthology of women’s lifewriting, drawn from the Story Circle Network’s annual collections of work by its members. Edited by Susan Schoch, Inside and Out includes 76 essays selected from 8 editions, 2009-2016.

In her foreword, Susan Witting Albert describes the collection:

“. . . real, true stories of real women who write about the ordinary events of their ordinary lives. Stories about seeing with new eyes, connecting with the heart, remembering the past, reveling in the present, waking up to a new future. Stories about acting, nurturing, growing. Losing and mourning. Finding and celebrating. Life – ordinary and extraordinary – seen from a woman’s point of view, told in a woman’s voice.

But while these stories are grounded in the daily realities of individual lives, they tell us a communal story. A story about women’s courage in the face of disaster, of stubborn refusal to accept the status quo, of remembering the past so vividly that it becomes present. Her story, yes – the story of the individual writer. But our stories. Our collective, communal stories.”

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