Desert Haven

Desert Haven chronicles the intertwined lives of a sisterhood of women with ties to a fictitious women’s land in the beautiful and harsh Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona. 

The novel brings together a chorus of women’s voices, united in the intention of creating a community away from the influence of men. Lesbians, feminists, visionaries, walking wounded, earth mothers, and dropouts, the characters are unique and distinct, coming from diverse circumstances, each woman with differing needs and objectives. 

Every woman’s story illustrates a piece of the puzzle; together, they create a picture of the women’s land movement from the 1960s to the uncertainties of the present time. Desert Haven begins as a women’s campsite and grows into a community. Women flow in and out of each other’s stories, forming a network of evolving relationships, each woman forging her unique path with ingenuity, courage, and love.

Feminist and lesbian historical context is woven into the narrative, providing an accurate depiction of “herstory” through the eyes of diverse characters.