I offer an array of workshops on storytelling and writing. See Events for current offerings

Dear Diary: Establishing a Journal Writing Practice

If you’ve never kept a journal, or if you want to reconnect with the process, this workshop will inspire you to explore. The workshop covers subjects such as why keep a journal, how to journal, and how to establish a daily habit. No writing experience necessary. 

Writing Fun and Games

Shake up your normal (serious) approach to writing with a series of games, prompts, and exercises that are designed to generate new ideas and unleash creativity. All you need to bring is a notebook, pen, and an open mind.

SoulCollage® for Writers and Storytellers

Using SoulCollage® techniques, encourage your uncensored brain to unleash hidden intuitive powers and discover what’s beneath your project and your process. The intersection where writing, oral storytelling, and SoulCollage® meet is fertile ground for creative expression. Access your inner knowing and personal power. Penelope is a certified SoulCollage® facilitator. 

Storytelling for Writers Workshop

Writing stories is different than telling stories. You will learn how oral storytelling can support your writing, become aware of your potential as a storyteller, learn important elements of organization and presentation, and gain confidence in speaking to an audience.

Bibliobiography Workshop

Record the story of your life using the books you love.  In this 2-part workshop, you will explore how your life has been shaped by the books you’ve read and then create an autobiographical bibliography. Participants are encouraged to swap their bibliobiographies, adding new books and authors to their personal future reading lists.

The Art and Craft of Personal Storytelling Workshop

In this fun and instructive workshop, participants will learn the basic skills of oral storytelling. If you want to pass on family stories for your grandchildren or create a cohesive and lasting story for your organization, learning the essential elements of story creation and presentation will give you confidence and inspiration. This workshop can be custom-designed for your organization.

Consulting for Communities

Would you like to have a community storytelling event in your town, but you don’t know where to start? Contact Penelope to act as your guide from inception to an actual event. You can learn from my 16 years of experience as founder and executive producer of Tucson’s beloved Odyssey Storytelling. All workshops can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. Contact me to discuss what would work for you.