Welcome to my website. I am the founder and retired executive producer of Odyssey Storytelling, a popular monthly community storytelling series in Tucson, Arizona. 

I taught myself how to produce, write, perform, do marketing, find and mentor storytellers, hold a rehearsal, make and maintain websites and emcee all in the first six weeks.

Over the last thirteen years, I have taught many workshops and classes and coached hundreds of everyday community members to share their personal stories on the Odyssey stage.

Things have evolved into a smooth running structure thanks to a staff of one and a crew of amazing volunteers that keep the organization vital and the stories flowing so that I had time to write a book, The Radical Act of Community Storytelling: Empowering Voices in Uncensored Events.

In addition to my career as the “Odyssey Lady,” I have been a weaver, mixed media artist, and social worker. Now I am a community activist, citizen folklorist, restorer of Navajo rugs and a writer.