Penelope Starr
Writer . Producer . Facilitator

Author of The Radical Act of Community Storytelling: Empowering Voices in Uncensored Events
Part memoir, part how-to and part advocacy for the democratic structure of community storytelling.

$17.95 plus $4 postage & handling. Buy here or you can find the book at Antigone Books in Tucson. Published by Parkhurst Brothers Publishing, 2017 

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In What’s It Like to be a Professional, Ethel Lee-Miller tells why you should come to our workshop, TELL IT! Presentation Skills for Writers (and anyone who wants to tell their story like a pro)

Thanks to Shannon Turner (blogger/storyteller/creative director of StoryMuse) for asking me about my tattoo. You can read her post and hear the interview here: Penelope’s Stars 

David Fitzsimmons, in his column in the Arizona Daily Star, muses about his upcoming collaboration with Penelope on September 22. The working title is “Thanks for the Mammaries: An Evening of Storytelling in Support of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.”

Listen to the interview with Mark McLemore of Arizona Illustrated, Arizona Public Media, on March 17, 2017 (interview starts at 4:36.)

The National Storytelling Network blog featured Penelope on May 2, 2017. Her article is called Creating Connection, One Story at a Time.

Aspen Green and Kathy Harris interviewed Penelope on Broad Perspectives, KXCI Community Radio, 91.3 FM Tucson, on March 19, 2017. Listen here.